Internet Pirates Will Make Music Prevail

by CopyCats

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Niko Grx
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Niko Grx Bofetón en la cara del mejor Punk primigenio. Lo mejor que habéis parido hasta ahora, que no es poco Favorite track: This Tour Is Killing Me.
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released July 1, 2017




CopyCats Granada, Spain

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Track Name: Youngsters In Granada
Granada feeds the hungry
To calm down your bloodlust
When the squares were full of students
And the winter was approaching hard.

Granada welcomes the regugee
Like they did in Leipzig.
You came looking for someone else
At the end it is you who remains.

Some came to throw rocks
Some came to find love
Most went to buy a dog
Ended up their way in this town.

For Granada you're a broken toy
She's used to trade wish for joy
And if you ever thought here it´s where you belong
Oh no, you couldn't be more wrong!

Youngsters in Granada
Youngster wild!
Youngsters high!

In Granada
Track Name: Lorena
She wants to go,
Wants to go to Paris.
Sick to death of an uncertain,
Of an uncertain future!

Oh Lorena

She doesn't want
Nobody to waste her time
Unless it's me again,
Doing the indian again!

Oh, We crossed the borders
And the saints are over
Everything's in order.

Don't come this way
'cause I see you acoming.
Tell me, oh lorena,
How is this going to end.
Track Name: Talent's Suicide
The 80's were good
But now it's time for something new
And idea died
Have I lived this before?

Tons and tons and tons
Of artists wasting art.
And tons and tons and tons and tons.

Chinese autism, Heroism,
And shadows on the run.
Ego's echoes fighting
Without knowing of their common goal.

Tons and tons and tons
Of artists wasting art.
And tons and tons,
Talent's Suicide!

I went to the school with a skull in my hand,
They threw me out and called insane,
Now years has past and I'm a millionare!

Tons and tons AND TONS! AND TONS!
Track Name: This Tour Is Killing Me
George sleeps between vicious beasts
Last night we were playing cards in the rest area
Standing high ,yes it feels sublime when things begin to work out
We got stolen from our van just a bag full of rotten socks!

Too many places, we've no time to see
Those crazy german nights did never make us ill
And they won't.

And I wish you could come with me
And I would love to see you here
On the road...

This tour is killing me!


Perry's not coming and I don't give a damn
See those kids tearing appart I feel like one of them
And when I get home I climb up-down the walls
Can't explain this social drug so strong and powerfull.

We really mean it, we wanted to take the world
It's not ambition but a vision if you prefer
It is.

And I would love to see you here
It's like a dream to be released
On the road...

This tour is killing me!